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PostHeaderIcon Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center named in honor of the wife of former ABC News “Nightline” anchor, Ted Koppel, opens at BMH

A new pulmonary rehabilitation center opened at Boone Memorial Hospital this month. The center is named in honor of Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, the wife of former ABC news “Nightline” anchor, Ted Koppel.

Boone Memorial Hospital is honored to be one of three rural health organizations in West Virginia to receive financial support from the Dorney Koppel Family Charitable Foundation to start a state-of-the-art rehabilitation program to help patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other breathing problems.

Dorney is a Maryland attorney and Board Member of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Foundation (COPDF). She is a national patient-advocate for the empowerment of those who have COPD, emphasizing the improvement in quality of life when pulmonary rehabilitation is provided.

In 2001, Grace Anne was diagnosed with a very severe case of COPD and given a few years to live.

“I could walk half a block,” Dorney said. “Then I had to stop to try to catch my breath and I was not given much time.”

COPD is a group of lung diseases including emphysema, refractory asthma, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis. Instead of taking the prognosis as a death sentence, Grace Anne began pulmonary rehabilitation and through hard work and dedication increased her lung capacity and regained her ability to fully live her life. Since 2007, she has shared her experiences on a national platform and is a testament to not letting her health slow her down. She has served as a national advocate to increase the understanding of pulmonary rehabilitation and served as a model for the power of patients to actively create a healthier future for themselves.

Dorney and Koppel had the idea of expanding access to pulmonary rehabilitation for rural communities. When asked why they chose rural West Virginia, the answer is quite simple.

“Because it’s where the need is. A lot of people here in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky have trouble breathing, so there’s great need here,” said Koppel.

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PostHeaderIcon Veterans honored at Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic

Boone Memorial Hospital held its second Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic and Veteran’s Day Tribute on November 11th.

“Two years ago one of our doctors, James Walker, suggested we do an event to recognize military personnel on Veteran’s Day. Since we already hold an annual Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic, which we started several years ago our CEO Tommy Mullins thought it was a good idea to combine both events,” explained Marketing and Public Relations Director Karlie Price.

“We offered free shots to all Veterans and Military Personnel – those active, retired or honorably discharged. For everyone else the fee was $20.00. We felt this would be a nice way to thank our Veterans for their service,” said Mullins.

The Clinic was held at the Madison Funeral home thanks to cooperation and support from the Handley family. Forty-one total shots were given, twenty-eight of those being Veterans. The hospital served cake, punch, hot chocolate and coffee and gave out American flags and patriotic ink pens. The Veterans also received an American Flag lapel pin and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Boone Memorial Hospital nurses Teresa Meade, Terri Dolin and Angie Hall administered the flu shots.


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PostHeaderIcon Urology and Hematology Oncology Clinics Now at BMH

Boone Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that it now offers both Urology and Hematology Oncology at BMH. The Urology Clinic is offered the third Tuesday of each month from 8:30am to 3:30pm and the Hematology Oncology Clinic is offered every Friday from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Dr. Ryan H. Fitzwater, DO is the practicing physician at the Urology Clinic. Fitzwater is a well-respected physician with the CAMC Physicians Group – Urology, which is affiliated with Charleston Area Medical Center. Fitzwater offers comprehensive urological services and has an extensive medical background.

Safique Ahmed, MD is the practicing physician at the Hematology Oncology Clinic. Ahmed offers comprehensive cancer care services, blood diseases, chemotherapy and treatment of malignant tumors and leukemia. Ahmed has 35 years experience and is affiliated with Logan Hematology Oncology.

“We are pleased to have both specialties,” said Boone Memorial Hospital CEO Tommy Mullins. “We know it will be so much easier on patients who need these services because they won’t have to travel as far. They can get excellent care right here close to home.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Fitzwater (Urology) please call 304-388-1965. For an appointment with Dr. Ahmed (Hematology Oncology) call 304-792-1116.




PostHeaderIcon Hospital CEO, Tommy Mullins provides nearly 50 years of leadership and service to Rural WV

Tommy Mullins is the CEO of Boone Memorial Hospital in Madison. He joined the staff as a bookkeeper in May 1964, the same year the hospital opened its doors. He is currently the only remaining original employee of Boone Memorial Hospital and the longest running CEO in West Virginia (employed at the same continuous hospital). Mullins has received state and national recognition for his role as a small rural hospital CEO, including being named a Distinguished West Virginian, the State's highest honor, two times for his community and rural health accomplishments.

Mullins has been a leader through many difficult years of health care reform yet has made every effort to maintain a solid work environment for the employees of BMH. Boone Memorial Hospital has continued to survive and prosper at a time when many rural hospitals across the State have had to close because of poor economic conditions in most cases.

During his tenure as CEO, Mullins has watched the facility triple in personnel growth and overseen numerous expansions. Just this year Mullins led the process to convert BMH to a 501-c-3 non-profit hospital and helped secure a nearly 32 million dollar loan from the USDA to build a new hospital. Construction plans are underway and Mullins has been instrumental in the overall process. Mullins may very well end up being the only CEO in the State of WV to have been a key player in opening two new hospitals at the same location within 50 years of one another.

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PostHeaderIcon Radiology Department receives stellar rating for Mammography Accreditation

The Radiology Department at Boone Memorial Hospital recently finished its renewal process for the mammography accreditation and was granted a 3-year certification from the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Food and Drug Administration. 

“Three years is the maximum certification they can grant,” explained Radiology Director, Greg Zornes. The process is actually quite involved. When they come in to do the inspection they check our equipment and the QA (Quality Assurance) program, which basically means making sure our Radiologist Technologists are following proper procedures and meeting standards. We also have to send images of actual patients to make sure our positioning is good and the quality of our pictures meets their standards. There were no deficiencies found in any of these areas. We were very pleased. The hard work and dedication of our Radiology Technologists, Lora Ballard, Angie Chafin and Lisa Pratt is the main reason we achieved this excellent rating,” Zornes added.

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